How to install LED headlight bulb on Toyota Tacoma 2016 onwards

The Tacoma was introduced in the US in February 1995 as a replacement of New Toyota Pickup. And Boslla Bullet B4 bring well functionalities for this popular Toyota mode. Here's the guide to show How to install Boslla Bullet LED Headlight Bulb on 2017 Toyota Tacoma.
Make sure you get the right type of bulb for your vehicle The Low Beam Headlight after 2016 is under H8/9/11 model.

Step 1: Locate the headlight holder

Open your hood and locate the headlight near the front of the vehicle. It will be in a bulb holder, with a power connector (usually three wires) leading to the bulb.

Step 2: Remove the power wires

The plastic catch will have a small lever at the top -- push down on it while you pull the plug out., pull it up and away.

Step 3: Remove the old bulb.

Once the wires have been disconnected, you should be able to remove the headlight bulb, remove the old bulb, In this case, you have to rotate the bulb to get it free.

Step 4: Install the new bulb.

Reconnect the power wires back, Make sure you test the bulb by turning on your headlights. If it's installed correctly, the lights should be on. Job complete.

Step 4: Enjoy the bulbs.

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