How to remove H4 adapter from Boslla B4 LED headlight Bulb

H4 Bulb, also named 9003 and HB2, is widely used on many vehicles with dual beam headlight. It contains two filaments, giving them the option of being either high and low beam light.

Currently, there are 2 H4 LED Headlight model on our product series, Boslla B1 H4 and Boslla B4 H4.

When installing H4 LED headlight on the vehicle, the adapter may need to be removed from the headlight bulb firstly. It's easy to remove that part with follow steps.

  1. Take on the glove to protect the hands and easy to push.
  2. Push the adapter to the bottom of the bulb.
  3. Rotate the adapter while pushing till in right postion.
  4. Take out the adapter easily.

Or follow the tutorial in the videos bellow.