Scotty Kilmer Recommends Boslla LED Headlight Bulbs!

In April 2019, Scotty Kilmer published a video for Boslla B4 4 Ways LED Headlight Bulbs (6500k/4300k/3000kwarning flash). It is not paid review video, just because he loves this interesting invention and would love to share it. 😊

In that video, he said that: "I tried them out at night and really like these night-vision shooting glasses I have out here, the yellow really makes things pop better. And one of the things I like best about this is, that it's all controlled just by turning your headlight switch on and off, you don't have to worry about keep swapping bulbs in and out if you want different colors, this does it automatically and it will revert to the normal ones anytime you want."

He even said that such Product Design should be the Future of the Car Headlight.

And on the same year September, Scotty Kilmer mentioned Boslla LED bulbs again in another video to affirm their quality.

What surprised us, even more, is that two years later, in 2021, Scotty mentioned Boslla's lights for the third time in a live broadcast, he said that "they are great bulbs. They have the coolest settings, turn on once they're white..."

We really appreciate and are also proud of Scotty Kilmer's love and nice words on our LED bulbs.

We are committed to creating innovative and high-quality led headlight bulbs to improve the driving safety and experience of drivers. We are excited about the recognition of customers and is continuing to do better!

The LED Headlight Bulbs in the Video