Boslla All Weather Fit LED Headlight Bulb

  • Promote driving visibility, 6500K clear white beam pattern cares more about all driver’s safety.
  • Avoid white lighting scattering in snowy weather, 4300K neutral white light bring your a more comfortable driving experience.
  • Enhance the penetration of car headlights with 3000K yellow light in foggy and rainy weathers.

Boslla in emergency situation

  • Used for off-road, Jungle adventure, Geographic survey.
  • Strobe with yellow light 8 times every 5 seconds Under warning flashing mode.
  • Boslla can be the savior in case while in emergency situations.

Revolutionary innovation of headlight bulb

  • The world’s first 4-colors LED headlight, meeting with good or bad weather in all conditions.
  • Take place of the dim light of original headlight bulb.
  • Give you more choice on single color light even on BMW cars.

Easily Switch 4 Modes

  • 6500K(Sunny), 4300K(Snowy), 3000K(Rainy and Foggy), Warning Flashing (SOS Rescue)
  • Switch to next mode easily without delays
  • No need any hardware modification
  • Atomic high temperature crystal technology ensures the synchronization of each bulb

Brighten Your Way In Freezing World

  • Designed to resist an extremely cold environment < -158 ℉.
  • Instant on even when frozen in the ice.
  • Strong enough to cross Antarctic.
  • Stay super brightness and color temperature.

Boslla in hot temperature

  • Work well after 100-hours heatproof in 194 ℉ oven.
  • Built in intelligent temperature control, maximize LED chip’s efficiency.

Excellent Ingress Protection

  • Achieve IP67 waterproof equation process certification
  • Working normally soaking in the water with power on for over 48 hours, even in the mud.

Available for All Cars

  • Apply to all vehicles such as Sedan, Pickup, SUV, Jeep, Mini, motor, even 4 wheel beach vehicle, etc.
  • Easy to install in any vehicle
  • …… and more!

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These headlights have 4 color settings to help save lives under all conditions

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