About Boslla – The Automotive Pioneer

Boslla designs and manufactures innovative automotive lighting products to improve your night safety and fun driving experience. We are focusing on researching and developing to bring customers safe and powerful lighting products for all vehicles.  

Boslla frog-like logo resembles a car is no accident. Perhaps you do not know this, but frogs have accurate night vision capacity that allows them to identify obstructions under extremely dim light. So, we took a cue from the incredible abilities of frogs to develop a lighting product for your car that literally guides you through the darkness.  

Brighten your way with Boslla today.

Boslla Bullet B4

Boslla Bullet B4 is the world’s first four-color car LED headlight bulb which works perfectly in sunny, snowy, rainy, foggy weather, and even emergency situations. We provide not only a safe but also a fun night driving experience.

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Boslla RGB is the world’s first brightest LED headlight bulb with a gradient RGB function. The RGB gradient-color function brings a lot of fun, passion, romance, and sweetness to your life; The up-to-40W high-brightness illumination guarantees a super clear vision and your utmost safety at night.

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Boslla Bullet B1

Boslla Bullet B1 is with a total all-in-one design, almost the same size as halogen bulbs, but 200% brighter than Halogen headlights. Plug and play, upgrade to a safer and more reliable LED light within minutes. If you want to see clearly at night or in the dark when you’re driving, Boslla B1 LED Headlight Bulb will help you do so.

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Integrated H7 H15

Boslla integrated H7 & H15 LED headlight bulbs brings you not only 10 seconds plug and play installation, but also a better performance on the brightness than the little candle halogen bulb. No extra clips/adapters needed, no extra modification needed for Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz headlight upgrade.

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