Lexus GX470 GX460 LED Bulb

LEDs are a great way to increase Lexus GX470 GX460 nighttime visibility and you can find our most popular replacements for your Lexus GX470 GX460 headlight bulbs, fog light bulbs and backup light bulbs below.

2003 – 2019 Lexus GX470 GX460 Bulb Size

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Lexus 2003-2009 GX470 2011-2013 GX460 2014-2019 GX460 Shop Boslla
Low Beam Headlight H11 H11 / Shop Now>
High Beam Headlight 9005 9005 H11 Shop Now>
Front Fog Light H3 H11 / Shop Now>
Back Up Light 7440 T15 T15 Shop Now>
Brake Light 7443 / / Shop Now>
Daytime Running Light / 9005 / Shop Now>
Dome Light C5W 31MM T10 T10 Shop Now>
Front Side Marker T10 T10 T10 Shop Now>
Front Turn Signal / 7440 7440 Shop Now>
License Plate T10 / / Shop Now>
Parking Light T10 T10 / Shop Now>
Rear Side Marker 7443 T10 T10 Shop Now>
Rear Turn Signal 7440 7440 7440 Shop Now>
Tail Light T20 / T20 Shop Now>
Luggage Compartment C5W 31MM / T10 Shop Now>
Interior Door T10 T10 / Shop Now>
Map Light / T10 T10 Shop Now>


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