Boslla | World's Brightest LED with RGB DRL

Pre-orders open on 15th Oct 2019

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As the world’s brightest LED Headlight Bulb with RGB DRL, no matter day and night, Boslla RGB brings your much safer and more stylish driving experience.

 Note: DO NOT drive with DRL mode at night. 

RGB Series VS Non-DRL​

  • Amazing lighting upgrades
  • Obviously catch other’s eyes
  • Totally improve driving safety

RGB Series VS DRL Kit​

  • Plug & play installation
  • No sticker, no screw & no drilling​
  • Fit in headlight and fog light housing

RGB Series VS Stock-DRL​

  • Being cool and stylish
  • Gradient color changing
  • More easily spotted by other drivers

RGB DRL in the Tunnel

RGB DRL on the Bridge​

RGB DRL on the Highway

RGB Series on Low Beam

  • Perfect beam pattern
  • Never blind oncoming cars
  • 360° rotatable adjustment to avoid glare

RGB Series on High Beam

  • 3x brightness
  • 2x lighting distance
  • Safe driving in unfamiliar area