How to Replace 2022-2023 Toyota 4Runner LED Headlight & Fog Light Bulb

Ready to upgrade those old halogen bulbs in your 2022-2023 Toyota 4Runner to LED bulbs? It’s a great way to enhance your vehicle’s visibility, safety, and style. LED bulbs offer brighter illumination, greater energy efficiency, and a longer lifespan compared to traditional halogen bulbs. Let’s go to check out the installation steps! LED Bulbs Installation […]

2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma LED Headlight Bulb Size Guide

Boslla blog 2024-05-16

The Ultimate Guide to LED Headlight Bulbs for the 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma The Toyota Tacoma has long been a favorite among truck enthusiasts for its rugged reliability, off-road capabilities, and versatility. One aspect of the Tacoma that many owners look to upgrade is its lighting system, particularly the headlights. Upgrading to LED headlights not only […]

Boslla Chameleon – 100W 12000LM 3 Colors 4 Modes LED Bulbs Introduction & Install & Review

Introduction To The Boslla Chameleon – 100W 12000LM 3 Colors 4 Modes LED Bulbs The Chameleon LED bulb is the B4 series headlights-C4 upgraded version. This product skillfully draws lessons from the flexible and changeable design concept of a chameleon, and endows it with a unique and artistic appearance, making every detail flow with a lively […]

Will LED Headlight Bulb Blind Oncoming People?

LED headlight bulbs can potentially blind oncoming drivers if they are not properly installed or aimed. Here are some important factors to consider regarding LED headlights and their impact on oncoming visibility: 6 Factors Affecting The Light Beam Pattern of LED Bulbs Quality and Design of LED Bulbs Opt for high-quality LED bulbs that are […]

2018- 2020 Ford F150 LED Headlight Bulbs Install & Review

Are you looking to enhance the lighting performance of your Ford F150 truck? One of the best ways to achieve improved visibility and a modern look is by upgrading to LED headlight bulbs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the process of installing LED headlight bulbs on your Ford F150 truck. From choosing […]