Boslla Chameleon – 100W 12000LM 3 Colors 4 Modes LED Bulbs Introduction & Install & Review

Introduction To The Boslla Chameleon – 100W 12000LM 3 Colors 4 Modes LED Bulbs

The Chameleon LED bulb is the B4 series headlights-C4 upgraded version. This product skillfully draws lessons from the flexible and changeable design concept of a chameleon, and endows it with a unique and artistic appearance, making every detail flow with a lively atmosphere.

At the performance level, the C4 LED bulbs have achieved significant improvement. Compared with the previous 60W and 7200LM standards, it has successfully evolved into a 100W power configuration integrating strong efficiency and energy-saving characteristics. The brightness has achieved a leap breakthrough, reaching 12000LM, as bright and dazzling as a bright day.

The main features and specifications of Boslla Chameleon – 100W 12000LM 3 Colors 4 Modes LED Bulbs

As we know, White LED headlight bulbs typically emit a bright, crisp light that closely resembles daylight. They provide excellent visibility and clarity, making them ideal for nighttime driving and challenging road conditions. Yellow LED headlight bulbs emit a warmer light that is less harsh on the eyes, reducing glare and eye fatigue during nighttime driving, and the yellow light performs exceptionally well in foggy, snowy, or rainy conditions by cutting through moisture and providing better visibility of the road ahead.

Then Boslla can provide you with the best is to have both white and yellow in one LED headlight bulb!

Boslla Chameleon mainly featured with 6500k, 4300k, and 3000k 3 colors to fit sunny, rainy, snowy, and foggy all driving road conditions. More illumination, less blinding, longer lifespan, no error, plug & play.

Why Upgrading To Boslla Chameleon – 100W 12000LM 3 Colors 4 Modes LED Bulbs?

The yellow headlight bulbs can enhance visibility, reduce glare, improve contrast and depth perception, preserve night vision, and add a touch of nostalgia or individual style to a vehicle. These benefits make them a worthwhile consideration for drivers who frequently encounter adverse weather conditions or value the specific optical characteristics they provide.

If you are driving in foggy, rainy conditions daily or living somewhere with heavy winter, the yellow and white in one LED bulb is the first choice. For the Chameleon 3 color 4 modes LED bulb can help you light up the night drive!

Boslla Chameleon – 100W 12000LM 3 Colors 4 Modes LED Bulbs Install & Review

Let’s go to see how Boslla C4 White/Yellow LED Headlight Bulbs perform on a 2000 Honda Civic.


Guys if you can’t see at night and want to replace your headlights, pick up these LED lightbulbs that Boslla has on sale right now! ~ LINK IS IN MY BIO!! Not only do they work well, but it’s also a stylish option as you can cycle through 3 different color modes! These are pretty fire ngl 🔥 ill probably run these in all of my project cars! #boslla #led #headlight #junkyard #civic #junkyardbuild #civicbuild #bosllalights #bosllaled #junkyardcivic #honda #idm #ekciVic

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Installing a yellow LED Headlight on your Honda Civic improves driving safety and comfort in specific environments and can reduce glare interference, compared with cold white light or blue light, yellow light is less irritating to the human eye. It can effectively reduce the glare to oncoming cars, reduce temporary visual blind spots caused by strong light reflection, and improve two-way driving safety. Upgrade your headlights to a Chameleon 3 color LED bulb to improve your visual comfort and reduce eye fatigue during long-term driving to make your driving safe!

Installation Steps For Boslla Chameleon – 100W 12000LM 3 Colors 4 Modes LED Bulbs

Easy installation step, play and plug!


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