Want to replace the headlight bulb on your Ford Crown Victoria but do not know how to do it? You’re at the right place.

Here is an installation guide about LED high low beam headlight bulb upgrades on Ford Crown Victoria. It is very easy to follow and you can change your halogen headlight bulb to led by yourself now.

* This installation video is from Youtuber WJ Handy Dad

Got some Boslla LED 9007 headlights – they allow you to switch from 6500k bright white to a 4300k mix, to a 3000k yellow light (high beam is always 6500k bright white). I show you how to install them on your Ford Crown Victoria or similar vehicle without any special tools (just a screwdriver).

2010 Ford Crown Victoria LED High Low Beam Headlight Upgrade – 9007 Bulb Size

1.Gain access to the factory bulbs (this could require removal of the headlight housing, could require removal of the factory air cleaner, battery, or other parts, or it could be as simple as reaching in behind the headlights and twisting)

2.Remove the factory bulbs (do not touch headlight bulbs with bare hands – wear gloves) from the headlight housing– most just require a 1/4 turn twist counterclockwise to release, or they may have a retaining ring that needs to be turned

3.Once the bulbs are separated from the housing, disconnect the electrical wire from the bulb – usually, a plastic tab to lift up or press down depending on the vehicle

4.Plug and Play – Determine if your vehicle is “plug and play.” If it is plug and play, you can just connect the electrical wire and put the new LED bulb into the headlight housing and lock into place with 1/4 turn or lock retaining ring, then replace the housing in the vehicle if it was removed in step 1. And you are finished.

(4.Not Plug and Play – If not “plug and play” it is important to mark the orientation of any part of the bulb that you have to remove. Most bulbs have a correct orientation and if you disassemble and reassemble the bulb with the wrong orientation, the bulbs will show high beams when you want low, and low when you want high beams.)

5.After marking, slide the black plastic ring off of the LED headlight.

6.Place the vehicle retainer ring onto the LED headlight – make sure you place it in the correct orientation.

7.Replace the black plastic ring that you removed from the headlight – again make sure you place it in the correct orientation.

8.Connect the electrical connector from the vehicle to the LED headlight bulb

9.Mount the LED headlight into the vehicle headlight housing and secure it (twist 1/4 turn or lock retaining ring)

10.Reinstall headlight housing if it was removed in step 1.

Properly aim your headlights after installation (aiming is different on each vehicle – check your owner’s manual or shop manual for assistance)