How to Install Boslla Chameleon H4 LED Bulbs on Toyota Corolla 1998

Toyota Corolla H4 LED bulbs Install Review Video

Hello guys! This time is to show how to install Toyota Corolla Headlight LED bulbs and unbox Boslla Chameleon LED H4 bulbs. Let’s going to check out the Toyota Corolla (1998) installed Boslla Chameleon H4 LED Bulbs review video!


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As we can see, really really quick and easy to install. Boslla Chameleon bulbs offer the unique advantage of seamless. Support switching between White, Yellow-White, and Yellow light, catering to diverse driving conditions and personal preferences.

11-Boslla Chameleon 3 Colors LED Headlight Bulb

With these 3 colors bulbs combine the penetrating power of yellow light and the high-brightness characteristics of white light. Such bulbs can better adapt to complex and changeable driving environments, not only meeting the lighting needs of daily driving but also providing good lighting under special weather conditions, you can switchable colors therefore optimizing sight conditions according to weather conditions. If would you like to upgrade the Toyota Corolla H4 LED bulbs Boslla 3 color bulbs will be the best choice!

Toyota Corolla LED Bulbs Size Guide 1998-2000

Low and High beam: H4

Original price was: $199.99.Current price is: $149.99.
Original price was: $169.99.Current price is: $127.49.
Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $99.99.
Original price was: $169.99.Current price is: $149.99.
Original price was: $149.99.Current price is: $119.99.
Original price was: $89.99.Current price is: $69.99.
Original price was: $139.99.Current price is: $89.99.

Always refer to your vehicle’s manual or consult with the manufacturer to ensure you have the correct info; Check the existing headlight bulbs for any markings. Bulbs often have their size and type printed on them.

Not Sure about the bulb size? Use our Auto Bulb Finder to get the right size!

Replacing factory headlight bulbs with LEDs is a feasible and beneficial upgrade for many vehicle owners. By ensuring compatibility, understanding the benefits and potential drawbacks, and following proper installation steps, you can enjoy the enhanced visibility, efficiency, and modern look that LED headlights provide!